Hank Williams III and Taylor Swift Duet

Country music pioneer Hank Williams III and flavor-of-the-moment ‘tween pop cash machine Taylor Swift will collaborate on a song they wrote together entitled “I’d buy you a drink if  only you were 21.” The song was constructed over the last week by text messages and goat hide parchment and blood ink. All proceeds will be donated to the hellraising kitten recovery project

Swift: “I’m super excited to be working with someone with the legacy that Hank has. I mean, he’s the son of Bocephus!”

Hank III: “Taylor what? I thought I was writting with that stacked, snaggle-toothed chick”

2 Replies to “Hank Williams III and Taylor Swift Duet”

  1. heh. if Taylor went to a Hank III show, she would be bound, gagged, raped, and mutilated. It would be the one of the best shows ever.

    He’s the son of Bocephus!! lol!

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