Naked Willie

The fine folks at the 9513 have a couple of great posts I wanted pass along. First Vanessa Grigoriadis at Rolling Stone writes that aside from Willie Nelson’s project with Asleep at the Wheel, he has another album slated for early ‘09 titled Naked Willie. Like the Beatles 2003 release  Let It Be…Naked sans the original release’s Phil Spector “Wall of Sound” orchestral overdubs and embellishments, Naked Willie will contain Nelson’s RCA recordings from 1966 to 1970 without the original’s strings and “embellishments.” The release will be produced by Willie’s long time harmonica player Mickey Raphael.  “For the album cover,” says Raphael, “Willie took a picture of himself with his iPhone while he was in the bubble bath, and sent it to me.” (originally posted at Still Is Still Moving)

Second, after searching in vain for an original recording of Buck Owens’ 1979 duet with Emmylou Harris, “Play Together Again Again” the Whooping Llama blogger bought the original 45 online and made it available as a spacial Christmas gift to his (her?) readers.

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