New Scott H. Biram Cuts

  • Been craving some fresh tracks from that “dirty old one man band” from Austin, Texas Scott H. Biram? Ivy League Sessions has the remedy for ails you friends. Three unreleased cuts fresh from the man an 18 Wheelercouldn’t kill.
  • Speaking of Austin, the good folks at the exceptional 9513 have a review of Melonie Cannon’s new sophomore release, And the Wheels Turn. 9513 thinks the the release might teach the pop-country divas currently in vogue a thing or two about writing and performing.
  • You know Joe The Plumber, right? Joe Wurzelbacher is the an Ohio plumber (though has no plumber’s license and apparently believes he doesn’t need on) that approached Barack Obama to ask how his tax plans might effect a plumbing company he was looking to buy and was then mentioned by McCain in the the last Presidentail debate 12 times as an example of the working class? Seems he’s using his new found celibrity status to seek a country music recording contract…oh and to bash Obama on Isreal.

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