Emmylou HarrisNew Release “All I Intended To Be” 6/10

CMT’s Chet Flippo again shows his impeccable taste by using his current Nashville Skyline to shower deserved accolades on this year’s Hall of Fame inductee Emmylou Harris.

“I can’t think of a person who has done more good for country music than Harris.” says Flippo. Amen brother. I don’t know how you keep such great taste amidst the land of $500.00 jeans and glittery guitars.

Harris’ new release All I Intended To Be (June 10 – Nonesuch Records) will be her first solo release since 2003’s Stumble Into Grace and was recorded in Nashville over a four-year period with her longtime producer Brian Ahern. Te release will contain both original material and some of Harris’ all-time favorite songs, featuring guest vocals by Dolly Parton, Vince Gill and Buddy Miller.

(via 9513)

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