Creative Loafing Interviews Dale Watson – Spooks Twang Nation

Creative Loafing features an interview with Dale Watson (Saving country’s ass) where talks about hanging out out with MTV’s “Jackass” star and country music fan Johnny Knoxville and ,naturally railing on the sorry state of the pop-country music industry ( I mean this is the man that penned the song “Nashville Rash”), but then he entertains the idea that would consider opening up for the likes of someone like Kenny Chesney. This is the man that when told the Chesney was collaborating with Willie on his latest release “Moment of Forever” replied ” “Oh, man. You just ruined my day.”

It’s hard to rip on a guy trying to secure his future and widening his market, but I think that Cheney has much more to gain in credibility (I mean they guy’s already got some of that Willie mojo!) than Watson would gain by opening to a stadium of fans that, by showing up to a Kenny Chesney show, have already proved they don’t know anything about good country music. Of course I say this without seeing the contract. Watson could laugh all the way to the bank and convert some of those wayward listeners, and confuse and irritate the others, along the way.

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