Silver Jews Interview –

Pitchfork features an interview with the Silver Jews’ David Berman. Berman discusses the forthcoming new Jews release “Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea” (Originally scheduled for release in April, the album has been pushed back until later in 2008.)

Pitchfork: How has the process of making the new album been going?

David Berman: It’s been really good. I’m real happy about the writing. I’ve never really been completely satisfied with a release. I have always felt like you start to write a song and you can stop where you want to. And I always felt that I didn’t know what would happen if I went on ahead. In a way, I kind of built in delays into the process. I really thought it was going to be done in September, but the other part of my mind knew it would take longer. When I went into the studio, the songs were about half as good as they are now. Just sitting with them for a couple months, I just couldn’t leave them alone and they got better and better. I don’t think I’ll ever stop so early in the songwriting process again.

Silver Jews “I’m Getting Back Into Getting Back Into You”


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