Hank Williams Fans in Montgomery, Alabama for New Years Eve.

Sometime between New Years Eve 1952 and New Years Day 1953 Hank Williams Sr, died
in the back of his new cadillac as a hired a chauffeur was taking him to a scheduled show on Canton, Ohio, on Jan. 1. The weather would not permit flying.

Every New Years Eve for the past few years the faithful from all over the world gather at the Hank Williams museum in Montgomery, Alabama, which is home to the Cadillac in which Williams died, to honor the music, legacy and life of Hiram “Hank” King Williams.

One thought on “Hank Williams Fans in Montgomery, Alabama for New Years Eve.

  1. December 18, 2007 at 6:19 am

    Me and the wife went to Alabama for New Years Eve last year and it was a great time…. Joey Allcorn and Jake Penrod played and they kick ass as artist and guys. They are playing this year too… If you get a chance to go then DONT MISS IT!

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