Honky Tonk Radio Girl on WNYU

Mostly I think terrestrial radio is a unholy wasteland of rotting play-list crap, but sometimes you pass across some smaller stations that are doing it the way it started. Keeping the focus on the music by people who love music instead of just a focus on some delusional concept of mass-market appeal (crazy, huh?)

This evening I was “friended” on MySpace by a DJ here in New York calling herself Honky Tonk Radio Girl. HTRG says on her page that she “tells tall tales of these (old country) troubadours and keeps things rolling with a sense of humor about the music she adores. Honky Tonk Radio Girl will also add a fresh edge by featuring new and local artists who keep the spirit of classic country alive.” Sounds good to me!

Becky, HTRG ‘s real name, does the Thursday 7:30pm – 9:00pm slot on New York University’s WNYU. Folks in the New York area can tune in to her old-timey-style” country radio show on 89.1 FM. For the rest of the world you can tune in to the show on-line by clicking “Listen Live” on wnyu.org or navigate to iTunes radio then to “Eclectic,” then WNYU. Past shows can be found in the archives.

You can also send requests, thoughts and comments to becky@wnyu.org. Requests during the show can be made to (212) 998-1818 or WNYURadio on AIM.

And people think there’s no hillbillies in the Big City…Twang says check her out!

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