It Burns When I Pee Episode #0005 with Ward (Cousin Spiits) Harrison – The Hackensaw Boys

Friends, that enemy of the pop-country scourge “It Burns When I Pee” is back spreading the glorious word of great old-school hillbilly, roots, Americana, in the hell twangs and don’t suck, and Episode #5 is a killer!

The new IHWIP offers up an interview with guitarists Ward Harrison from “upbeat/danceable/hectic/two-step/country” band, The Hackensaw Boys on their sound, member changes and making the charts.

And listen up fr the Twang Nation promo! It really makes the podcast, I think it really does….

So stop on by and tell Cheyenne how sweet she looks in that thrift-store Harley tube-top!

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