It Burns When I Pee – Podcast

If reading hurts your head but still keep up with real country goings-on then might I suggest you check out a little something entitled “It Burns When I Pee.”

That’s right friends, no longer just an embarrassing medical condition “It Burns When I Pee” is no also a great podcast of kindred spirits spreading the gospel of bone-fide country music and helping to fight the scourge of pop-country mediocrity!

Sound like too much for one little podcast to handle? Then head over to, download an installment and see for your own doubting-thomas self! The newest episode features an interview with Scott H. Biram and an album review of Wayne “The Train” Hancock’s album Tulsa from Jared Morningstar.

And then there’s IHWIP’s Cheyenne. Worth the price of admission alone.

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