Austin Freedom Fest at The Backyard – 8/10/07

If you find yourself in Austin this Friday and want to make a statement against the so-called drug war and the political idiocy and the abuse of the our countries’ legal system that has resulted from it, then mosey on over to the Austin Freedom Fest at The Backyard. The concert will benefit MPP, NORML and WAMM, and will feature Willie Nelson, Asleep at the Wheel, Jackie “The Jokeman” Martling, Carolyn Wonderland, Paula Nelson, Mark Stepnoski and others to be announced.

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  1. I will. I’m surprised it’s not sold out yet. Willie’s shows sell out there, but I guess this being a NORML show, it’s getting a different crowd. You know it will be fun. I haven’t heard who all from Willie’s band will be there. Sometimes when all the band members don’t show up for the fundraisers. They’ve all been on break for a couple weeks, so maybe everyone will show up. I have had cameras taken away from me at the Back Yard, and then sometimes I have been able to take pictures. It’s such a long walk back to the car with your camera there; parking is harder than ever with that new mall, but I am taking my camera just in case. I’m excited.

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