Deadstring Brothers – 5/9/07 – Mercury Lounge New York, NY

There was a time in the early-seventies when the first cousins of rock and country music laid together and beget a sleazy offspring that was best exemplified by early 70’s Faces and then followed Ronnie Wood when he took the swaggering sound to The Rolling Stones. It was then officially castrated later in the decade by the Eagles.

If the brits can take country and make this kind of potent mix of sound then why not some Yankees from Detroit, MI.?

The Deadstring Brothers carry the roots-rock flag back into the sleaze with their carefree brand of 70’s fusion that is ready made for the roadhouse or the pub.

Marschke (vocals/guitars) looks, playing style and mannerisms are reminiscent of a hillbilly version of Pete Townsand. He and the sultry songstress Masha Marjieh (backing vocals/percussion) belts backing and sometimes lead vocals provides
loads of passion and energy.

The stomping boom of “I’m not a stealer” to the rousing closer of the slide-guitar laden “Sacred Heart” the band, Marschke, Marjieh and Jeff Cullum (bass/vocals), Pat Kenneally (piano/organ), Spencer Cullum (pedal steel/lap steel/guitar) and E. Travis Harrett (drums/percussion) took it to a fevored level of rock/country hedonism that is rare to see.

One thing about music in the 70’s,it was a lot easier to catch something that blew you away. Something unexpected and wild. People making music just for the shear joy of it. They HAD to do it! They had no choice but to create, to express.

The Deadsting Brothers channel that passion, and the not quite capacity crowd was lucky to be there to witness.

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  1. You write a great review! Wish I could have been at that show. I think you’re wrong about the Eagles, though. If they came out today, they’d be country. But I guess you are speaking to the edgy-creativeness of the music created when country and rock dared to co-mingle.

  2. thanks Linda. I do like some Eagles songs (“Take It to the Limit”) but if you listen to the groups mentioned above and Gram Parsons/The Byrds you see where the Eagles picked the sound up and made it radio friendly, in other words tamed the beast.

    In some cases tamed it to the point of elevator music, but it made them a bundle so I can undertand the lure, I just think it’s comparatively much more boring than say “Wild Horses” by the Stones or “Stay With Me” by the Faces.

    Hell, I’ll take Freebird over most of the Eagles catalog.

  3. I wish I could have seen that one. There are many roots rock bands out there that don’t really add anything to the genre. They are just derivitive. These guys are authentic and creative. They should be much bigger than they are.

    I’ve added you to my links and told some freinds about your blog.

  4. Hey, Chip. I appreciate you puttin out the word. I’ll add your blog soon.

  5. For fans of this type of music I would also suggest The Basement, Marah and Mother Dynamite as well as TDB for current bands doing the southern rock thing right.

  6. Baron:

    I love Marah one of the best live bands out there. A buddy of mine went to see them 3 Times @ SXSW last year. I have almost all of their albums. They have as much fun as any band out there. That is what it is all about.

    Thanks for linking my blog BTW

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