MySpace Showcase Tuesday 12/5 – Cadillac Sky

Well, Thanksgivings over and I’m out of excuses for not posting a new My Space Showcase…so here goes, and I’ve got a nice treat for all you bluegrass fans. I’m breaking the rules somewhat because these boys already have a record deal, but they’re my rules to break, and I can’t keep them under my Stetson.

Ft. Worth Based progressive Bluegrass phenomenon Cadillac Sky is the most recent signing to Skaggs Family Records. I allways thought that bluegrass is prog-hillbilly music and Cadillac Sky just reaffirms my brilliant (you heard me!) hypothesis.

Cadillac Sky is made up of two national champion pickers, a respected guitar veteran, an upright bass prodigy and an award winning songwriter and have built a reputation as an amazing live band – leaving fans, as well as fellow musicians clamoring for more at every performance. Cadillac Sky will make their first big splash onto the progressive Bluegrass scene when their debut Skaggs Family full-length “Blind Man Walking” lands in stores on January 23, 2007.

Twang says check ’em out!

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