MySpace Showcase Tuesday (Catching Up)

I’m about two weeks behind in the MySpace Showcase feature, yes I know..BAD BAD BAD BLOG MASTER…
but don’t worry your Stetson’s buckaroos I’ve got a couple of treats in store.

First up is O.C. California’s gritty chugg-chuggin “Ditch Diggers” on Sheephucker Records. Now
these songs do sound a bit alike and one is about a pig call, but that ain’t necessarily a bad thing as drunk crackers have trouble with changing up rhythm, and as everyone knows, we do love our swine.

And speaking of white folks, the next band up are homeboys from Austin Texas “Honky.” These boys
cook with Southern rock as hot as Lynard Skynard’s downed plane. A little ZZ Top, a dash of Sabbath, and bottle of something serious.

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