Colonel JD Wilkes in Stay Thirsty Media

Stay Thirsty Media has a great interview with the Legendary Shack Shakers front man Colonel JD Wilkes. It it the Colonel dicusses his new movie Seven Signs, and the latest LSS release “Swamp Blood.” A sample:

Do you feel like you are becoming more popular in the mainstream media?

JD: Yeah, I feel like we’re sort of maintaining. We’re sort of a staple on the scene that people can rely on. You know we never got a major label deal, so we couldn’t really coast on that momentum. We had to build our own momentum by creating the legend that’s in our name. We have to toot out own horn more. We have to work harder, tour harder, scream louder because we don’t have big bucks behind us. We just have a lot of road miles and blood and guts and sweat invested in this , that’s what drives us. That’s what makes us more authentic . That’s what gives us more credibility than some flash in the pan, you know, emo band that here today gone tomorrow . We plan to age with this thing as we go and it will morph into who knows what the next record, cause it’s a living, breathing thing, like the Constitution of the United States. It’s a living document. It’s alive!