Larry Jon Wilson

The first time I ever saw Larry Jon Wilson was while watching the excellent DVD on the outlaw country music movement of the 70s Heartworn Highways. He was sang Ohoopee River Bottomland with more soul than a a white man deserves to have.  Along with his contemporaries Townes Van Zandt, Mickey Newberry, Tony Joe White and Kris Kristofferson Williams rejected Nashville’s rigid ideas about country music and forged some of the finest music you’ll ever hear. Kristofferson said of Wilson that “he can break your heart with a voice like a cannon ball.”

For The Sake of the Song has a nice post about Larry Jon Wilson’ career and offers some mp3s for you to download. Do yourself a favor and get to know this exceptional man’s music.

Larry Jon Wilson -  Ohoopee River Bottomland from Heartworn Highways