Amy LaVere and Shannon McNally to Release Chasing The Ghost

Amy LaVere and Shannon McNally were initially brought together by North Mississippi Allstars’ lead guitarist and vocalist Jim Dickinson as part of the roots/jazz/soul collective The Wandering. The two Americana singer/songwriters bonded over similarities, one of which was a their mutual predilection for bourbon neat, and the collaboration turned fruitful one. On October 13th the duo will release their EP, Chasing The Ghost — “Rehearsal Sessions,”

Armed with a set of songs the ladies headed to the Music+Arts Studio in Memphis, TN, for rehearsals a few days before getting into the van to start touring with The Wandering. With LaVere on stand up bass and vocals, McNally on acoustic guitar and vocals the tape-recorded session was rounded out with Robert Mache on guitar, mandolin and Shawn Zorn on drums.

These two songs from the EP  promise good things. LaVere’s jazzy influence is heard in the bittersweet lament of “Never Been Sadder” and McNally’s  laid-back style is stamped all over the jaunty ramble of “If It Were Mine to Keep,” The similarities and differences of both artists complement and contrast each other beautifully.

Take a listen and let me know what you think.

Look for LaVere and McNally on tour for Chasing The Ghost in October