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I really hope there are “Texas as Fuck” t-shirts at the shows!


The “Texas as Fuck” World Tour ‘86 starts next week in Roanoke, VA on August, 8th!! Funny thing is…heh!’s just the North Eastern and Mid Western United states really.

But I did make some great new women’s Underwear featuring an “ass-load of Texas” to help commemorate the event! I’ll also have some new “Get Off My Property” tees and I’m hoping to secure an order of the 2003 recording of Scott H. Biram’s Rehabilitation Blues EP before I leave. This is a CD made only for those of you who have everything else I’ve recorded. It was recorded while I was bed-ridden in 2003 after “the big wreck.” It’s only me and my acoustic and it’s a limited edition pressing. It ain’t the best I’ve done, but give me your money anyway. I need a new roll of duct tape and some velcro. The Black Diamond Heavies will be joining me on several dates 8.13-8.23. Come check them out. They are great friends of mine and I’m looking forward to rockin’ the fuck out with them! Keep your fingers crossed that US Justin is there with the Reverend John Wesley “James Leg” Meyers, ans Good Ol’ Van Winkle Campbell. Also, we will be touring together in the UK during October ‘07 with a few dates in the Netherlands and France on the tail end. Be there if you can! Some higlights of the upcoming August USA tour will be my show with friends, Nashville Pussy in Asbury Park, New Jersey on August, 10, and Chris Johnson’s Deep Blues Fest in River Falls, Wisconsin on August, 18th. There are so many great acts on the bill including Robert Belfour, John Schooley, Black Diamond Heavies, Mark “Pork Chop Holder”, William Elliot Whitmore, Hillstomp and so many more.
You can see more about this event at
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Don’t miss the Minneapolis show the next night!!
Anyway, we’ll see y’all soon.
Sleaze out,

Deadstring Brothers to Release “Silver Mountain” 10/9/07

Looks like it’s shaping up to be a sleazy, greasy Fall.  Detroit-based Deadstring Brothers are taking some time
from the road to follow up 2006’s Starving Winter Report (Bloodshot Records) this October with “Silver Mountain”
(Bloodshot Records.)

Produced in the band’s own recording studio,Silver Mountain boasts the tunesmanship of The Faces and the barroom
howl of The Band stewed together in homage to the blues of the American South and dancehalls of the urban factory
North. Music like this formed the genesis of album-oriented FM rock—this record showcases high energy bluesy rave-ups
and hymnal country ballads. Silver Mountain is a coming out party for sultry singer Masha Marjieh. Gritty and seductive,
reminiscent of ‘60s era Tina Turner, Masha steps into the spotlight on eight of the 11 tracks, showcasing her hot-blooded
and lustful voice, leaving no doubt that the biggest heart in the room now belongs to this soulful vocalist. Harmonica
player Mickey Raphael also took a break from his place alongside the great Willie Nelson, contributing to “The Light
Shines Within” and “Slow Down.”

Much of the story behind Silver Mountain is the band’s late nights at the Heavy Load, an underground club night in London’s West End, where they met future Brother Spencer Cullum. Led by Heavy Load Rob and his very lovely wife, Hippy Karen, the Heavy Load debuted in 1999 and celebrates vintage rock music from the 60s to the mid-70s. It’s music that really makes you feel at home, says Heavy Load Rob, and apparently he’s right—Now in its 8th year, the Heavy Load is one of the most popular club nights in London, attracting an enthusiastic crowd, and in turn, defining a scene, much like the dance nights and local bands that played at The Factory eventually became part of rock history. It was only a matter of time before the Heavy Load’s playlists from the past influenced a new breed of bands.

The Deadstring Brothers – New Shit


Scott H. Biram on Tour This Summer

The Dirty Old One Man Band from Austin, TX, Bloodshot Records recording artist and friend of the House of Twang here, Scott H. Biram is taking time away from working in the studio and raising his chickens to bring his First Church of The Ultimate Fanaticism to a town near you. The tour includes a gig with fellow Texas hero Dale Watson at the Rhythm Room Phoenix, AZ. and a show with Nashville Pussy in Asbury Park, NJ.

Check the man out, and tell him Twang Nation sent you.

Tour Dates & Newsletter Summer 2007

Jul 21 2007- Riley’s Tavern Hunter, Texas
Jul 24 2007- Rhythm Room Phoenix, Arizona w/ Dale Watson
Aug 3 2007- Hole In The Wall Austin, Texas
Aug 8 2007- Martin’s Downtown Bar and Grill Roanoke, Virginia
Aug 9 2007- Ottobar Baltimore, Maryland
Aug 10 2007- Asbury Lanes Asbury Park, New Jersey w/ Nashville Pussy
Aug 11 2007- Luna Lounge Brooklyn, New York
Aug 13 2007- Mohawk Place Buffalo, New York
Aug 14 2007- Smiling Moose Bar Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Aug 15 2007- Beachland Ballroom Cleveland, Ohio
Aug 16 2007- Lager House Detroit, Michigan
Aug 17 2007- Schubas Chicago, Illinois
Aug 18 2007- Deep Blues Fest River Falls, Wisconsin
Aug 19 2007- 7th Street Entry Minneapolis, Minnesota
Aug 20 2007- The Waiting Room Omaha, Nebraska
Aug 22 2007- Davey’s Uptown Kansas City, Missouri
Aug 23 2007- Off Broadway St. Louis, Missouri
Aug 24 2007- Sticky Fingerz Chicken Shack Little Rock, Arkansas
Aug 25 2007- Rubber Gloves Denton, Texas
Aug 31 2007- Continental Club Austin, Texas
Sep 1 2007- Continental Club Houston, Texas

Moonshine Willy’s Nancy Tannenbaum Dies

From the Bloodshot Records web site: On Sunday May 13th, Nancy Tannenbaum, aka Nancy Rideout, original guitarist in Moonshine Willy was killed in a motorcycle accident in New York City. She swerved to avoid a pedestrian who mysteriously ran onto the West Side highway, was thrown from her bike and died at the scene.

There will be a Memorial Service this Friday, May 18 at 3:30 at Temple Sholom, 3480 N. Lake Shore Drive., in Chicago

If you’ve got photos/stories/etc you want to send Bloodshot, they will send them along. Please send them to:

18 Wheels (mp3)