Watch Out! Beck – ‘Saturday Night Live’ 3/1/14


Beck Hansen was at his Cali-folk best on last night on SNL. Backed by John Misty’s Josh and Tillman Justin Meldal-Johnsen, Beck’s reverent rendition of “Blue Moon” and orchestral drenched “Wave,” both from his recent masterpiece “Morning Phase,” proves again that when the kitsch is stripped away Beck is a master song craftsman that fits comfortably in the Americana fold.

Listen Up! Beck is Back to Mourning – “Morning Phase”

Beck Morning Phase

Beck’s chameleon-like career has rivaled that of the Thin White Duke himself. Like Bowie, Beck has both trailed and established trends so tightly that it’s hard to tell which proceeds or which follows his maneuvers.

Beck has tackled soul, funk and might have started Emo with “Loser.” But the best Beck is the dour-folk Beck.

Said to be a companion to 2002’s heart-crushing “Sea Change” “Morning Phase” has a slightly more comfortable feel. More excepting, fateful. Like Beck seems more at home with being uncomfortable.

“Morning Phase” is Beck’s “Pink Moon.” On “Heart Like A Drum” he sings “The Heart is a Drum / Keeping Time With Everyone.” and “Beat Beat beat / It’s Beating Me Down.”

The whole album has a pop-menace that sound like it sprang from the mind of Brian Wilson.

When Beck strips away he beat-box schtick here’s is genuine talent here. Dare I say genius. Yes, I think I will.

A more complete review will come soon. Just wanted to share this with you.

Listen Up! Hear New Beck Song, “Blue Moon”

Beck Morning Phase

The L.A.-based singer and songwriter on Friday posted a clip on his website depicted “Morning Phase” being rendered in the petroleum by-product so popular with the kids these days, vinyl.

“Morning Phase” set for release on Feb. 25 through Capitol Records, his first studio disc since “Modern Guilt” in 2008. Backed by players including Smokey Hormel, Justin Meldal-Johnsen and Joey Waronker.

Beck is a master at revamping music style – soul, funk, folk. His upcoming release “Morning Phase” is reported continue the gauzy forlorn-folk theme so brilliantly captured in 2002’s “Sea Change.”

In the current issue of Uncut magazie, Beck said: “I set out to make a gritty king of record, along the lines of those early ’70s singer-songwriter records. But the songs ended up having another quality to them. There are harmonies there: Simon & Garfunkel, Crosby, Stills & Nash, The Everly Brothers, The Stanley Brothers. The Mamas & The Papas, even.”

Judging by the the clip below it appears that that is a correct assessment of style.

Really looking forward this one.

“The Morning Phase” tracklist:
‘Heart Is A Drum’
‘Say Goodbye’
‘Waking Light’
‘Don’t Let It Go’
‘Blackbird Chain’
‘Evil Things’
‘Blue Moon’
‘Turn Away’
‘Country Down’