Charley Crocket Recovering From Open Heart Surgery

Texas Roots Artist Charley Crocket took to his Instgram account to share that his recovery from open heart surgery is going well. The surgery was to address a heart condition called Wolf Parkinson’s White Syndrome, a condition Crocket was born with.  Wolf Parkinson’s White Syndrome is when there is an extra electrical pathway between the heart’s upper and lower chambers causing rapid heartbeat. The extra pathway is present at birth and fairly rare.

After seeing a specialist to address a long-existing hernia Crocket was referred to a heart specialist where tests proved that he would need to address his heart condition, as a missing valve in his Aorta was causing blood to leak into his heart, before getting surgery for his hernia. Crocket wrote that this condition would “…lead to a heart attack at anytime. (sic)”

Crocket also recounts “…dizzyness, shortness of breath and blackouts were something I thought came with playing 200 shows a year and living on the highway.” Talk about a road warrior!

We’re wishing Charley Crocket a speedy recovery.

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Maybe some of y’all are wondering what’s been goin on with me. It’s a really long and wild story but I had open heart surgery this week. I went in last summer to see about getting a hernia fixed I’d had for 7 years. I was born with a heart condition called Wolf Parkinson’s White and although I almost didn’t make it as a baby, over the years I learned to cope with my condition. The Hernia surgeon sent me to a heart specialist and after some tests they broke the news to me that not only would I have to fix my Wolff Parkinson’s White before I could have hernia surgery, I learned that I was missing a valve in my Aorta and blood was leaking into my heart severely. This would lead to a heart attack at anytime. The dizzyness, shortness of breath and blackouts were something I thought came with playing 200 shows a year and living on the highway. The last 5 months have been a wild ride through the medical world, insurance, learning about how all these things work, and making the decisions necessary to save my life. I’ve got so many stories to share with y’all at another time, but right now I just wanna tell you that I made it through the dark and that I came home today to start on the road to healing. This charging bull got himself a new transmission good for a million more miles. Thank you for blessing me with your positive energy. I feel y’all lifting me up. I’ve been turning my curse into a blessing since 1984 and y’all can always count on me to come over that next mountain top✊🏽

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