Watch Out! Dixie Chicks Cover Beyoncé “Daddy Lessons” – Manchester, UK 2016

Dixie Chicks - Beyoncé cover "Daddy Lessons" - U.K.  2016

Much fuss has been made about Beyoncé new release; Lemonade. My social feeds and phone texts have called my attention to one particular cut off the album, “Daddy’s Lessons,” a rootsy number detailing learnings of self-defense and pride any Texan will recognize.

The Dixie Chicks on their current DCX MMXVI tour showed their love for the fellow Texan by wonderfully covering the song live in Manchester, England on April 39th.

The Chicks stayed true to the original adding their beautiful harmonies and making it even more rootsy.

“It painted a country picture in our minds,” Kevin Cossum, the song’s co-writer told Billboard. “It sounded tough. ‘So my daddy said shoot.’ You see the whiskey on the table. You see the rifle. It just had that feel to it. It didn’t take the hip-hop element to make it tough, which I think is very cool especially for Beyonce. And it goes with her being from Texas. Her vibe to it just makes sense for how it all came together.”

The song is motivated by Beyonce’s childhood roots in Texas and the lessons she learned from her father, Matthew Knowles, who has been a driving force not just in Beyonce’s life but in her career—he managed her from the Girls Tyme days through Destiny’s Child and through her early solo career. However, Beyonce fired her father as her manager in March 2011.

Watch the performance below:

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