Watch Out! Rita Hosking – ‘Resurrection’ – PREMIER

Rita Hosking - Resurrection

Rita Hosking has been doing some soul-searching. From that inward journey an album has manifested taking a look at humanity and what challenges might be ahead of us. On the song ‘Resurrection’ a languid shjmmer of acoustic guitar accompanies Hosking’s strong and warm vocals as she explores the duality of nature, religion and humanity.

Of the album and song Hosking says:

“The album roughly follows 12 steps of the hero’s journey — as described by Joseph Campbell in The Hero with a Thousand Faces. The “villain” of sorts is Wetiko — Cree word for a cannibalistic soul sickness, as discussed by Jack Forbes in Columbus and other Cannibals. I have an intro trailer to the cd here.

While in the traditional model of the hero’s journey there would be some kind of rebirth at this point, even having the hero die and come to life again, I instead rebel and state that there will be no resurrection. It’s a call to recognize our humanity (and thus our mortality), and that we’ve got one shot and better stop acting like we’ve always got second, third or fourth chances. Do it right. Many of us have a tendency to act delusional about this sort of thing.

My producer, Rich Brotherton, was egging me on while singing this one. He stopped me once and scolded something like, “you’ve just come through this ordeal, this long journey, and now you are facing the council of elders. You better make your statement clear—give it some strength!” So that’s how I imagined it while singing–I was telling them what I gather, from what I’ve seen. And I had as much right to an opinion as anyone.

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  1. Your beautiful artwork and video illuminate this powerful new song, Rita. You definitely ‘got it right’.

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