Listen Up! Beth Bombara – “Thunder and Rain”

Beth Bombara

Superficially, you’d never guess that this is a song of longing. A subject pining for a distant love, and using that unmet desire to guard against hardships and fuel perseverance until the day comes that they will be together again. St. Louis-based roots artist Beth Bombara’s new single, “Thunder and Rain” is a winsome folk-pop number that makes you smile and tap your toe, not feel lonesome and heatsick.

That’s the magic.

This jaunty tune might be about time apart from Bombara’s collaborator and husband, fellow musician and producer Kit Hamon. Or she might just be so empathetic at looking through a character’s eyes that it feels personal. Either way what we have is an excellently crafted song that plays the hopeful off the woeful quite nicely.

“Thunder and Rain” is off Beth Bombara self-titled 5th release, out June 23.

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