Watch Out! Red Molly – “Clinch River Blues” [VIDEO]

Red Molly - "Clinch River Blues”

Sure Red Molly is an all female folk/newgrass trio. That’s incidental. The more important point is that they are a great folk/newgrass trio.

Red Molly – Laurie MacAllister (vocals, guitar, banjo), Abbie Gardner (vocals, guitar, Dobro, lap steel guitar), and Molly Venter (vocals, guitar,) who’s band came from a character in the Richard Thompson song “1952 Vincent Black Lightning,” echo a little Alison Krauss, a little The Mamas & the Papas, a lot of spirit.

That potent mix blended with sweet harmony has resulted in the band accumulating a sizable following of “Redheads.” as their fans are called.

“Clinch River Blues” is written by A.J. Roach the is the first track from Red Molly’s latest Red Album.

Song written by A.J. Roach. Video created by Asia Kepka.

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