Why Country Music Was Awful in 2013 [VIDEO]

Why Country Music Was Awful

I noticed that Grady Smith’s top 10 Best Country Albums of 2013 for Entertainment Weekly was primarily stacked with Americana acts.

As much as I appreciate the high-profile that Smith’s choices will bring to these performers the bright spotlight of EW, I was puzzled by the word “Country” in a list that featured Jason Isbell and Lindi Ortega.

When I asked about that on twitter Smith responded:

“I thought about calling it “10 Best Country/Americana Albums” but thought it made it too muddled.”

Fair enough. But apparently some folk thought the list wasn’t “mainstream” enough. That’s true, and the point of the list choices. Mainstream country sucks.

Smith responded to the critics in the best way possible. He made a video short showing how redundant and unimaginative mainstream country has become. The video is tearing up on the Internet because people get it. They agree. but that a major mainstream critic has said it is a big, big deal.

This brings my comment that some music is “so country it’s Americana” full circle.

Here’s the description from the video and the video below. Enjoy.

“I was inspired to make this supercut after posting my 10 Best Country Albums of 2013 list for EW. A few commenters told me that my choices weren’t mainstream enough, and I thought, “Well, yeah, because so much of what’s on the radio these days sounds exactly the same!” So I decided to make a video to prove my point.

I hope country fans will stop settling for this derivative junk. I love a dumb party song every once in a while (including some of these!), but when they’re the only flavor available, they get old very, very fast. Here’s to better music in 2014.”

5 thoughts on “Why Country Music Was Awful in 2013 [VIDEO]

  1. BCDanno
    December 21, 2013 at 6:42 pm

    Great appraisal HERE’S HOPING… 🙂

  2. Wiley Ray Eisen
    December 26, 2013 at 5:59 am

    there were a few good songs ,,but it’s mostly Crap and if you’re not an artist from Ga. or a songwriter from Ga. ..forget about having any success in “Nash Vegas” because the ”Peach-Picker’s have cornered the Market wanna hear real country go to Reverbnation listen Wiley Ray Eisen(Yeah Me -shameless plug) Brandon Fulson and Dave Myer’s Band (from Pa) -personally I been to Nashville and the Glory Days are gone it’s a Racket as long as the corporate market tell the Sheepel’s what’s supposed to be country and awesome and etc..and etc.. then artist like myself will never be popular ..but im happy playing the Dives I have a fan base …wake up Sheeps the wolves are in your wallet

  3. shane o'malley
    February 9, 2014 at 12:52 am

    this would have been funnier if they used more than 7 songs. And you can do this with every genre of music.

  4. clint
    March 9, 2014 at 8:46 pm

    yeah i agree male country artists went down the path of over doing the trucks, moonlight kissing, beer drinkin, good timin theme….but still i’d take that over that rap shit where its all bitches, money, bling bling, and drugs..and pop music, which is so bubble gummy and weird… yeah country music is not at its best state right now, but it’s still generically about the simple things in life and no ego bs like rap..

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