Watch Out! Matt Woods – “Deadman’s Blues” [VIDEO]

Matt Woods - Deadman's Blues

Recently some benefactors of music row/ country music row have decided to chime in that contemporary country music is, well, less than good.

Knoxville, TN.’s Matt Woods soulful vocals have been saying that for years, Not formally but by putting out great self-penned, independent country and roots albums that draw a line in the proverbial sand. Every song just suggests “See, this is what country music is.”

With his newest video Woods’ is still teaching that lesson. The video is an intimate look at life on the road for the independent musician. Here’s hint, less luxury buses and champaign and more vans, long-necks and sleepless nights.

Deadman’s Blues” can be found on Woods’ upcoming album of the same name, out this spring.

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