Listen Up! Lydia Loveless – ‘Boy Crazy’

Lydia Loveless

Rock-Americana chanteuse Lydia Loveless will follow up her exceptional 2011 release, Indestructible Machine, with the EP “Boy Crazy” n November 5th, 2013 via Bloodshot Records.

‘Boy Crazy’ is a pop-punk distortion surge around Loveless’ expressive, husky belt. Hear it below.

About the EP Loveless says : “I came up with the idea for the song ‘Boy Crazy’ when the band and I were all drinking at SXSW, and I was reminiscing for a bit about how a friend and I used to like to go to my little brother’s baseball games and flirt with all the boys on the team. People would call us ‘boy crazy’. When you’re young, you don’t know why you like someone; you just have all this energy. But when you grow up, there is less innocence. You get called all kinds of horrible names, like ‘slut’, if you go around dating a baseball team’s worth of dudes. It gets increasingly difficult to navigate relationships and friendships with others as you grow older, especially as a woman. I wrote the rest of the songs in the month or so after that discussion (except for the song ‘Lover’s Spat’, which I had originally written about Jeffrey Dahmer for my side project). We rehearsed for about a week and then went into the studio with a couple thirty packs and knocked it out. It’s my rock and roll tribute to baseball pants and youth.”

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  1. This just screams 90s alterna-pop to me. Some of the guitar tones remind me of Dinosaur Jr., and that’s about the highest compliment I know how to give a musician. The voice and songwriting, of course, is all Lydia.

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