Watch Out – Lindi Ortega: “Murder Of Crows”

Lindi Ortega - Murder of CrowsMurder of crows is the answer to a classic trivia question, “What are a group of crows called?”

It’s also an excellent song by Canadian roots-rocker Lindi Ortega, from her recent TN 2012 Top Pick Cigarettes & Truckstops

A contemporary take on the classic murder ballad (there needs to be more of those) positioning a female protagonist as the culprit, the video is washed in a striking black and white gauze as Ortega appears armed, with a shovel and donning Día de Muertos skull make-up. Subtle it ain’t.

Ortega’s striking trill pleads for mercy, but claims no remorse, as she confesses murder of a man. Though we never find out what he did to deserve his untimely demise, like the woman abuser in the Dixie Chicks Goodbye Earl, we are asked to assume he undoubtedly deserved it. The sound is a reverb-soaked, noir-roots vibe reminiscent of Furnace Room Lullaby era Neko Case.

I first heard Murder Of Crows oduring Ortega;s own cameo on ABC’S Music Row melodrama Nashville. Like her hero, Dolly Parton, Ortega is delivering great songs like this via contemporary formats to a wider audience.

Murder has rarely sounded so good.