Listen Up! Mumford & Sons : ‘I Will Wait’

Fans of Mumford and Co. won’t find the newly released song, “I Will Wait,” a surprise since they’ve been performing it for some time on their “Gentlemen of the Road” tour. Now the song is officially debuted for the rest of us.

The most high-profile ambassadors of Americana (never mind the fact the quartet is actually British) follows closely the winning formula of thier 2009 debut. “I Will Wait” is reminiscent of Sigh No More‘s “Little Lion Man” and “The Cave” with pulsing momentum, here provided by dancing banjo, rambles us along quiet valleys moving up to big sound peaks.

Front-man Marcus Mumford’s folky self actualization in the face of doubt doesn’t seems to have been dampened by his marriage to Carey Mulligan in April. “So I’ll be bold/ As well as strong/ And use my head alongside my heart/ So take my flesh/ And fix my eyes/ That tethered mind free from the lies.” Words to gird the male loins in true Iron John fashion.

Give a listen to “I Will Wait” below and let me know what you think in the comments. Babel is out Sept. 24th.

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