The 9513 – Goodbye To A Friend

I read on their twitter feed in a response to Gretchen Peters that one of the finest country music blogs was shutting their metaphorical doors. The reasons given were high standards and a growing drain on time that led to the decision.

The 9513 started around the same time this site did but it was evident from their site design, focus on advertising and their development of a great staff of writers that they were aiming for greater things. Early on I spent a lot of time cribbing from their (with a link back of course) and was flattered when they did the same for me.

Though they were mostly focused on the pop county territory that I purposely avoid (they’re making enough money, thanks) a skilled and knowledgeable writer like Jim Malec brought his insight to every post and (almost) made me care about Country Music Awards.

Then they moved into my turf by employing the excellent Juli Thanki. Her interview with George Jones was a plumb get and I still have to grit my teeth when I think about it.

I was proud that fellow Texans Brady and Brody Vercher started the 9315 from Austin and believe their site elevated the discourse around a much maligned genre to a serious and esteemed level. In short they love country music. Best to them and their excellent staff. Our community will miss a significant voice, but we are left with the enduring legacy they left us.

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