Interviews with Jay Farrar and Twang Nation on Twitter/

  • The Phoenix New Times’ Martin Cizmar ponders if, while interviewing Son Volt front man Jay Farrar,  he should ask him about the new Wilco record? (he does.)
  • Annie Zaleski at the Riverfront Times also interviewed Farrar and got some details on his side project Gob Iron, and the connection between Uncle Tupelo and Son Volt’s new label, Rounder Records.
  • Speaking of Son Volt,’s Walter Tunis is digging their new release American Central Dust.
  • Radney Foster’s 50th birthday bash is tonight at Hills Cafe in Austin at 6pm w/ Radney, Wade Bowen, and many more.
  • And in shameless self-promotional news- Join Twang Nation on Twitter and listen to music I dig up over at

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