Band Round-Up – Dirty Sweet

Do you like your rock with a side of sleaze? Then San Diego’s Dirty Sweet might sate your hunger. Their name is taken from T. Rex’s 1971 Glam-rock classic Bang a Gong (Get It On), but the band comes off as less Electric Warrior and more Faces mashed-up with The Outlaws.

Sure there are the lazy Black Crowes comparisons (especially with Ryan Koontz’s 70’s classic rock wail), but the Black Crowes were themselves a pretty linear derivative of sources they now take pains to distance themselves from. Dirty Sweet wears their influences on their sweat-stained sleeves and make you yearn for a time when rock was hard and exciting.  Is there Twang? yeah, in the Slithering Southern Rock of Marrionette, the hot licks in Goldensole and in the lyrics of Kill or Be Killed, but the real treat with thier sound is, like many bands they obviously worship, they just take off the break and gun it.


Ryan Koontz

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