Chet Flippo Takes on the Real Country Music Debate

Chet Flippo at CMT’s Nashville Skyline takes to task “magazine writers, bloggers and professors” who dare to broadly or narrowly define what “Real Country Music” is. Since I am one of these offenders that have tilted at the country music bona fides windmills on many occasions, hell it’s threason this blog exists at all,  I have come to define real country music in the way that Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart  was asked to define porn  – “I know it when I see it.”

One Reply to “Chet Flippo Takes on the Real Country Music Debate”

  1. Man, Chet Flippo used to be a hero of mine. But then again so was Hank Jr.

    I agreed with just about everything in that Newsweek article, and very little of what Chet had to say.

    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one that felt the laser pointer tickling my forehead when he started attacking people who try to define “real country music.”

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