Alex Battles’ Whisky Rebellion Live Album Giveaway

Some days I really miss living in New York City..the nightlife, the food, the culture, the early morning urine fragrance..I also feel I probably didn’t do enough to support the local roots and Americana artists that ply their wares in the Big City. I’m setting that right here in San Francisco by supporting locals acts (that I become aware of…SEND ME A DAMN EMAIL!) and to continue to support the New York artists that really shine..which leads me to Alex Battles’ Whisky Rebellion. This Brookyln-based hillbilly hellraisers puts to rest the conventional wisdom that there’s no great honky-tonk bands in the Northeast.

The band has released a live album that they are giving away…that’s right friends gratis, nada, goose egg. They even have a song written about one of my favorite Brooklyn dive bars Hank’s Saloon! The offer is for a limited time only so act now or miss out!

Alex Battles’ Whisky Rebellion – Live!


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