Willie and the Wheel News

Willie Nelson and Asleep at the Wheel are in New York City tonight gearing up for their performance on Late Show with David Letterman this evening. A little bird told me they will be doing Hesitation Blues in from their current excellent release Willie and The Wheel. Tune your TV to CBS tonight at 11:30pm EST.

Willie and Asleep at the Wheel are currently touring the Eastern Seaboard and will end with two nights at Carl’s Corner. They have a Tour Diary Section on their official site featuring day-to-day activities on the road as well as photos from Kevin Smith.

Zalman King, producer of “9 1/2 Weeks” and “Red Shoe Diaries” – has been filming a documentary about the tour. No release date has been set. “This is a very special album and very special time for all of us,” says Asleep at the Wheel bandleader Ray Benson. “Having a fine filmmaker like Zalman document this tour is a great way to share all the fun we’ll be having with our fans.”

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