Wayne Hancock and Scott H. Biram Ready 2009 Releases

  • Wayne “The Train” Hancock announces on his web site that his new release for Bloodshot records “Viper of Melody” is tentatively set to be released in April.  Wayne’s current tour line up of Izzy Zaidman on lead guitar, Huck Johnson on Standup Bass, and Tony Locke on steel guitar will be featured on the release.
  • Scott H. Biram‘s new release, also for Bloodshot records, “Something’s Wrong/Lost Forever” is tentatively set to be released in June. Biram’s past art professor and accomplished artist and graphic designer, Mark Todd, is creating the cover art. Some tracks to be included are “Sinkin’ Down”, “Still Drunk, Still Crazy, Still Blue” and “Judgement Day”. The Black Diamond Heavies will appear on a cover of Muddy Waters’ “I Feel So Good” written by Big Bill Broonzy, and John Meyers of The Black Diamond Heavies appears on Biram’s original “Hard Time”. Biram will be touring  Europe  starting on Jan 24th in London and then heading back home to Austin, Texas to play the SXSW festival

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