Los Angeles’ Indie 103.1 Pulls Watusi Rodeo

Radio again shows it’s short-sightedness and it’s allegiance to money over music or fans. Los Angeles’ terrestrial radio station Indie 103.1 has unceremoniously canceled the roots/Americana music focused “Watusi Rodeo” show. The show was hosted for nearly three years, their anniversary broadcast would have aired Sunday, Dec. 7, by Chris Morris. “Watusi Rodeo” was just one of a number of specialty show casualties at Indie 103.1  to make way for a more commercially viable format.

A post by Morris to fans can be found on his MySpace page; As a stroke of luck, Scion Radio, the online outlet of the Scion auto line, has offered Morris a monthly Web country/rockabilly show which is currently in negotiations. If things go as planned a  February date is possible. You can also read Morris ‘column “Sonic Nation” in LA CityBeat every other week.

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