“Saving Grace” Contest

To celebrate the upcoming second season of TNT’s excellent “Saving Grace” starring Holly Hunter, Twang Nation has
the opportunity to give away 5 “Embrace Your Grace” t-shirts.

Send me your answers to the following “Saving Grace” trivia questions to contest(at)twangnation.com along with your mailing address. I will contact the first 5 correct responders ASAP. The shirts will be fulfilled by a third party. Good luck!

  1. What is the name of Grace’s dog?
  2. Grace sees an image on the markings of a cow.  What was it?
  3. When Grace is handcuffed to her bed, Earl feeds her what Mediterranean food?
  4. What is Earl’s signature line when he brings news to his “clients”?
  5. A.D.A. Morgan Byars does something to embarrass Grace and prove a point about her past.  What did she do?
  6. What hard personal decision did Leon Cooley face while on death row?
  7. Where does Grace go to smoke during work?
  8. When Grace’s school teachers, nuns, come to visit her, what did they say she wrote on the bottom of her shoes?
  9. What is the rivalry between Detective Butch Ada and Captain Kate Perry?
  10. What did Ham confess to Grace?

Gretchen Wilson “Work Hard, Play Harder” Song For “Saving Grace”


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