Carrie Underwood’s Modern Love

AOL’s Country Corner posts that country pop-tart Carrie Underwood admitted to ‘Extra’ (who else?) that she and Lubbock, TX. native and ‘Gossip Girl’ actor Chace Crawford “ended their highly-publicized relationship through text messaging, saying, “We broke up over text so . . . it’s like ‘peace out.'”

Underwood assured fans that there were no tears and that she’s doing just fine. In fact, she says the breakup was completely mutual. “It just didn’t work. We both knew it didn’t work and [had] no hard feelings at all whatsoever.”

Gee Carrie, I wonder why I was never blown away by those heartfelt songs you belt out. Could it be the mall-variety glibness displayed in this statement above? Tears and longing is where great coutry songs come from, not text messages.

Peace out? Who are you? Snoop Dogg?

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