It Burns When I Pee : Episode #13 – “Titties and Country Music”

Just when your eyes have started to glaze over with all the talk about Elliot Spitzer being the biggest dumb-ass on the planet or if Hillary and Obama aught to just be put into the steel-cage death-match of democracy, It Burns When I Pee has released Episode #13 the “Titties and Country Music” release.

Blake had the good sense to take my advice and got Doyle Mayfield from The Doyle and Debbie Show on to tell tales about his childhood and life performing with his “3rd Debbie.”

There is also a feature on CMT’s  My Big Redneck Wedding and choice cuts from fine artists like The Pine Box Boys, Malcolm Hocombe, Gerry Stanek, and last but not least Roscoe Fletcher. So get over to IBWIP find out what real country music is all about and get yer Hank on!!!

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