Dollar Store Record Release Party – Knitting Factory 3/8

Fronted by Waco Brother Deano Bloodshot Record‘s Dollar Store blasts into New York City to lay whiskey-soaked waster to the legendary Knitting Factory. I can’t wait to see the look on those emo weasels faces when a horde of hillbillies invade their hipster space. HYAAAAA!
From Bloodshot – Loaded with trans-fats, soaked in cheap hops, and good for you in that way you know ain’t no damn good for you; a slab of greasy roots rock, Money Music should be labeled “extra-greasy,” which is to say, extra good, so keep the sonic Wet-Naps handy, you’re gonna need them. Dollar Store prove that rock n’ roll imbued with genuine energy and dynamism trumps indecision and overdubs every time.

Dollar Store – White Lightnin’ 


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