Johnny Cash in the Lincoln Star Journal

Nebraska’s Lincoln Star Journal has a nice article on Johnny Cash’s enduring legacy. From the article”
Cash’s popularity isn’t restricted to the United States. When Gerardo Meza, singer of the Mezcal Brothers, donned his black suit and took the stage in Sweden, audience members started calling him Johnny Cash. After Meza threw some Cash-like stage moves into the act, the response was even more intense.

“They’d go crazy,” he said. “In Sweden they are fanatical about Johnny Cash. I was walking down the street in Malmo and ran into a guy with a huge tattoo of  Johnny on his shoulder. When I’d get up there in my black suit, I’d hear ‘You are just like Johnny Cash.’”

For Meza, that was a compliment in many ways. A fan since he was a kid, Meza acknowledges Cash’s influence on his songwriting, performing and life.

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