Texas Invades New York!!! Dale Watson and Wayne “The Train” Hancock

New York City Twangers, head over the the always excellent Rodeo Bar (try the mole!) on Saturday, February 9th for the Texas troubadour himself, Dale Watson.

Dale will then be dropping in the equally delicious Hill Country Barbecue on Sunday, February 10th.

Sorry ya’ll, Dale canceled his shows with no follow up plans as of right now.

And on March, 13 at the Rodeo Bar the great honky-tonk hero Wayne “The Train” Hancock will be sharing the bill with great J.B. Beverly & the Wayward Drifters.

Both show will be great and better yet, both are FREE!!!

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  1. I spoke with Wayne on the phone the other day regarding getting him some gigs in Wisconsin & for the record: he’s one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. Here’s a shot I took of him last year:

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