Willie Nelson to Work with Michael Jackson

Today there are reports that Willie Nelson will collaborate with Michael Jackson to release a CD tentatively titled “Jacko and Lefty.”

The session will be recorded in Jackson’s new home in Bahrain, a borderless island country in the Persian Gulf and the smallest Arab nation, and is known for it’s beautiful golf courses and lax marijuana laws as well as an abundance of grade schools with easy access.

The embattled ‘king of pop” has said he”s “Ready for a comeback, outlaw style.” and that he will be selling his 2,800 acre Neverland Ranch, located in Los Olivos, CA, to buy a ranch near San Saba, TX. Jackson’s new neighbor the actor Tommy Lee Jones says “I’ll have him over for some brisket and Lone Star beer. I bet he has some stories to tell.”

Other artists slated to make appearances on the album are Beyoncé, Ludicris, Ryan Adams, Bryan Adams (no relation), guitar whiz Buckethead and Elizabeth Taylor sitting in on backing harmony and pedal steel.

Willie has said of the session “I like Michael’s work, I think Superfreak is a great song and I hope we are redoing in on this album.”

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