Note To Willie – Just Say No!

Willie Nelson is a friend of mine. Truth be told he’s a friend of may dads from their drinking and tom-catting days in the 70’s. The man is an icon. A legend. And yes, a serial collaborator. For every brilliant collaboration – Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, Ray Price, Emmylou Harris, Ray Charles – there are the WTF ones – Julio Iglesias, Toby Kieth, his upcoming producer Kenny Chesney, and now this- Mariah Carey has enlisted Willie Nelson to co-write a song for her upcoming movie role, a waitress and aspiring songwriter. Not only does Mariah Carry not deserve to kiss Willie’s Luccheses, after “Glitter” she should never be allowed to do another movie again that does not involve her removing the little amount of clothing she hasn’t removed so far.

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