Dixie Chicks – The Wrong Way

Anybody that has read this blog for more than a half-hour knows I represent when it comes to my home-girls the Dixie Chicks. Since sisters Emily Robison and Martie Maguire formed the group in 1989 in Dallas they survived roster changes and playing little shitty dives from Texas to Nashville. These gals payed their dues.

Natalie Maines joined and a more mainstream sound struck gold and the rest is history. And then Bush decided to start an illegal war and Maines was tactless enough to call it like it is back before the tide had turned (as of this writing 31% support the war in Iraq, and these people work for Halliburton or are retarded.)

The Chicks made music history at the 49th Annual Grammy Awards ceremony on Sunday, February 11, when they became the first female group ever to take home the big top Grammy honors: Song Of The Year (for “Not Ready To Make Nice”), Record Of The Year (for “Not Ready To Make Nice”) and Album Of The Year (for Taking The Long Way).

But the girls weren’t done, they then snagged another Grammy when Taking The Long Way became the first Best Country Album ever to also win the coveted Album Of The Year trophy.

Now as much as I love the Chicks I have to admit, I don’t care for most of Taking The Long Way. I find the rock to light and the country, well, hardly there at all.

Maybe the Grammy judges wanted to put a stick in the eye of the Bushes and show support to the Chicks for all the crap they had to put up with when they spoke their mind (check out the excellentdocumentary “Shit Up and Sing” for all the sickening details) and I’m all for it. Give the girls song of the year for “Not Ready To Make Nice” (thes best soft rock punk song ever written) and let that be that. But Album Of The Year and Best Country Album? With all the great music (Dylan, Van Morrison, Solomon Burke, etc.) there were plenty of better records and the ladies themselves said that Taking The Long Way isn’t a country album. And they were right.

It’s a slap in the face to all the artists nominated (Alan Jackson, Willie Nelson) and those that should have been nominated (Hank Williams III, Vince Gill, Roseanne Cash) and show that the Grammy judges are willing to use a category to send a political message instead of rewarding the best music. It’s insulting and further discredits an already laughable award show.

The Chicks are still tops with me and I give them props for stretching their wings. But not all country fans turned their backs on them and they’re at their best doing country music. 4 undeserved Grammys sends all the wrong messages not least of all that now we might have to sit through Taking The Long Way 2.

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