Red Rock West Saloon – New York City

I’ve discovered that no matter how shitty your work week might have been that a hit girl in chaps dancing and blowing whisky-fueled fire on a bar will make it better. And if that bar just happen to be the Red Rock West Saloon in New York City (457 W 17th St – Cross Street: Between 9th Avenue and 10th Avenue). Found in a run down area that appears to be more Wild West than urban gentrification is a seedy roadhouse that will make you forget your in the big city (until you walk out the front door and see the velvet rope line at the chi-chi club next door, that is.)

The music runs from Springsteen to AC/DC to The Charlie Daniels Band and the ladies seem to have a routine planned for every selection (don’t waste you money on the juke box.) The ladies also serve up cold drinks pronto and always remember your poison and your name. Businessmen and bikers coexist in this beautiful hoedown debauchery as though they were kinfolk.

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