Faith Hill is pissed,and I’m right there with her. On Monday night on the 40th annual CMA show (or as I like to call it the singing dancing parade of crap) during the female vocalist of the year segment they had all the nominees compiled on the screen ready for the money shot. When American Idol county music fem-bot Carrie Underwood was announced as the winner Diva Faith Hill was obviously peeved and mouthed “WHAT!?” into the camera, arms flailing, before walking out of the camera shot.

I’m with you there Faith. Underwood winning female vocalist of the year is like Larry the Cable Guy becoming the head of Mensa.

As much as I sometimes like Gretchen Wilson (one of the nominees) my nominees for this category would be more like Julie Roberts, Allison Moorer, Nico Case, Jenny Lewis (with the Watson Twins) and Rosanne Cash. These woman have more talent in one pedicured fingernail than the manufactured country-pop-drek that these nominees got nominated for. Pipes, looks and hunky singer husbands aren’t enough, where’s the PASSION? Where’s the HEARTACHE? Where’s the AUTHENTICITY?!

Most awards shows for music celebrate the popular and the mediocre. How many of these women will have the staying power of Dolly or Loretta. Not a damn one of ’em.

see the whole thing here:

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