Shut Up & Sing – Dixie Chicks

Some people give me grief for posting about the Dixie Chicks. These people can kiss my ass. The Chicks were anti-Bush before anti-Bush was cool. Anyhoo, the new movie “Shut Up and Sing” from two time Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker Barbara Kopple and Cecelia Peck that chronicles the lives of the Dixie Chicks from 2003 to the start of their 2006 tour.

All the highs, lows and death threats that occurred just before and for the three years following “the incident” are all here. The personal attacks, personal growth, a changing world, making music, having babies, receiving death threats, and even a fair amount of laughter.
I did then, do now and always will back my girls from Big D.

also check out the Chicks on VH1 Storytellers.

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