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Al SwearengenI really would prefer that this series would last forever (at least another 2 years), but I’ll settle with a couple of two hour specials over nothing. From the New York Times – “Deadwood” is a counterintuitive western; instead of wide open spaces and men of few words, the town where it is set is a cramped, muddy ghetto peopled by gabby merchants and jabbering prospectors. Everyone spews obscenities, but even the humblest characters do so in declamations that have a Shakespearean ring. And all that prolixity reaches new heights as the town delves into the electoral process.The series’ end is near; its creator, David Milch, has reached an agreement with HBO to bring “Deadwood” to a close with a four-hour, two-part finale. As it lurches to its conclusion, the politics of “Deadwood” keep growing more dense and colorful, and that magnificent obsession crowds out other primal forces. Death is still common in “Deadwood.” It is sex that has taken a holiday.

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